If you own a commercial structure, then you should know about ADA standards. Believe it or not, some business owners don’t know anything about ADA which means they are likely not compliant. Unfortunately, getting your hands on a “how to manual” is impossible. Most business owners only find out about ADA and compliance during a remodel or when there is a complaint filed against them. It’s wise to make sure you are ADA compliant to avoid fines or a possible negative impact on consumer relations. Most responsible business owners will choose to do the right thing and follow the law by being ADA compliant.

Compliance With ADA

In 1990 ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) became a civil rights law to help with discrimination against people with disabilities. ADA not only affects building structures, but people with disabilities wherever they are in public or in a job setting. There are certain ADA requirements to ensure unrestricted access to a building. Many buildings have not been brought up to ADA code since the law passed in 1990. Most go untouched until they choose to update or remodel. One of the primary areas of concern in most public buildings are the restrooms. According to the ADA guidelines, you must have one on each floor of the building and it must be able to accommodate someone with disabilities and people to assist them. Other areas that may affect your ADA compliance are parking, break rooms, entrances, elevators, and water fountains. It may come as a surprise that you aren’t ADA compliant but is imperative that you correct any areas of concern.

Being Compliant

You can easily access ADA online to address any questions you may have. Most commercial building contractors are typically very knowledgeable and can make recommendations on any necessary updates or needed renovations. Sometimes it can be impossible to obtain proper permits for renovations in commercial buildings. If you have ADA compliance issues and want to address them, this can sometimes speed up the process.

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