The first place a patient comes to when they walk into your office is the check in desk. It is very important that this is easily found as this starts the whole process of their visit and knowing they have arrived will keep you on schedule.

It’s All About Patient Flow

When an architect designs a medical office, patient flow is the most important aspect of the design process. For a practice to run smoothly, the location of the rooms, check in desk, check out desk all must be carefully located to prevent backtracking or possible issues with HIPAA compliance.

Check In Areas

Most offices prefer that when patients check in, they sign their name, and the receptionist will mark it out to avoid other patients from seeing who is checked in.

Single Hallways Work Well for Small Offices

If you have a small office, a single hallway may be used. This will reduce the size of the office and cost of construction. It’s important to make sure that patients can easily pass each other in the hallway whether walking or in a wheelchair.

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Circular Patterns Work Better For Larger Offices

A large office setting gives you more options with the design. The most desirable is a circular pattern, with the check in and check out stations which prevents HIPAA violations while giving and receiving personal patient information.

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Check Out Areas

When designing the check-out area, creating an alcove where patients aren’t in a hallway or near other patients is very important. Most times, this is where the patient provides the office with personal information.

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