There’s no doubt about it– office remodels are big projects. Working with a team of experienced remodel experts, careful budgeting, and a lot of planning are necessary to successfully transform your office space.

Most property and business owners don’t want to take on a remodel more than once or twice, so when the decision is made to spruce up the space, it’s usually the first time. This is why it can be difficult for them to know what to expect. Having a plan and the knowledge of how to carry out a successful remodel will make the entire process better.

Complete Structural Partners have been working alongside property and business owners for years. If this is your first office remodel or your fourth, we can help guide you through the process by answering all your questions and helping you make important decisions along the way.

If you’re here because you want more information on how to plan your office remodel, keep reading. This quick guide was designed to help you get started.

Write Down Your Goals

What is the purpose of your remodel? What are your goals for the renovation? Create a list of problems you are wanting to fix. Write these down in one place to keep everything organized and help you prioritize what’s most important during the remodel.

Collaborate with your business partners and any investors to make a list of goals you all want to see accomplished. Once this step is complete, you can move forward with the rest of the planning.

Establish A Budget

Setting your office remodel budget helps both you and your contractor. A budget serves as a guide, informing all parties how much money can be spent as you make decisions during each phase of the remodel.

Some factors that will impact your budget include…

  • Your timeline: If you need to wrap this project up quickly, it might cost a little more.
  • Your contractor: All contractors come with their own hourly rates. Those who are significantly cheaper than their competitors might be cutting corners in ways that will soon leave you displeased. Major underbids should raise a red flag.
  • Your project: The scope of your project will directly affect how much it costs to complete. Big changes will most likely come with a big price tag.
  • Your materials: Choosing higher end materials can make the project more expensive than you initially anticipated.

Aside from these expected expenses, unforeseen costs can appear in the middle of a remodel, so it is important that you leave a little wiggle room in your budget. Remodels often reveal problems you might have never known about as they are hidden within the walls of your building.

Things like plumbing issues, electrical problems, wood rot, termites, roof failure, and code violations can dramatically increase the cost of any office renovation. We advise our clients to leave a 10% buffer in their budget to account for the unexpected and if you don’t need it, that’s just more money in your pocket later.

Get A Professional Consultation

As you begin setting a budget, consult with a professional so you can get a good idea of just how much this remodel is going to cost. Architects and design-build contractors usually provide design services in house.

Get in contact with several contractors before committing to one. Meet each of them on the job site so they can provide you with a realistic estimate once you lay out the goals for the project.

Not sure what to ask prospective contractors? Here are a few questions to get your started: 

  • Where would you start? Once that’s completed, what would be next?
  • What challenges do you think will arise during the remodel?
  • Have you done a remodel like this in the past? How many? Do you have before and after pictures I can see?
  • Can you provide me with references?
  • How long have you been in this business?
  • What is your license number?
  • If hired, when can you get started?
  • How long do you anticipate this project to take from start to finish?

We strongly advise hiring a contractor who has experience remodeling office spaces. Having related experience can make a major difference in the outcome. A contractor that has previously renovated offices will be more aware of what to expect and how to address any issues that may present themselves along the way.

Those who lack experience with your type of remodel might not be able to plan for potential problems which can easily send you over budget– and you don’t want to risk that if you haven’t left a sufficient buffer.

Financing Your Project

After you get an approximate estimate of how much your office remodel is going to cost, it is time to get financing so you can begin. Be sure to shop around to different lenders to ensure you are getting the best interest rates and loan package.

Your lender will likely ask for documents regarding your finances, the architect, your contractor, and their bid. Get a list of what your lender needs and submit the documents together. This keeps things from getting confusing and lost in the shuffle.

Know What’s Important Before Hiring or Working With Your Contractor

Each office remodel is unique, but these tips have proven beneficial to property and business owners:

#1: Quality is Important 
If you want the best results, you need to be willing to invest in a good contractor and good materials. Failing to prioritize quality can lead to unexpected problems both during and after your remodel.
#2: Hiring the Right Team 
It can consume a lot of your time trying to find the right team of professionals for the job, but it is well worth every second spent. Your team should be able to communicate effectively and have relevant experience– both of these things are key to keeping the project going smoothly from beginning to end.
#3: Collaborate with Your Contractor
An experienced contractor will readily offer advice and information to you throughout the project. If you want the best results, you should collaborate with them during the renovation and take the time to consider their opinion.
#4: Sustainable Products 
There is no better time to add energy efficient appliances and fixtures than during your remodel. Not only will they save you money, but they will deliver high ROI when it comes time to sell your property. If you want to reduce your energy expenses and increase the value of your business, focus on making energy efficient upgrades as you renovate.

Let’s Get Started

Thinking about remodeling your office space soon? Have you created a list of your goals for the renovation? Let’s chat!

If you are starting to plan your remodeling project, it is time to reach out to professionals. If you aren’t sure who to trust or where to begin when choosing a contractor, ask other local businesses for referrals or contact local trade associations to find out which commercial contractors are working in your city. Before you sign a contract, be sure to check the contractor’s license.

Our team at CSP is experienced in helping business owners achieve their remodeling goals. If you are ready to talk to a contractor about your upcoming remodel, contact us today for a consultation. We would love to talk to you about your remodeling goals and get some plans drawn up for your project.

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