How you design and decorate your space will have a dramatic impact on the way that your business is perceived by both your customers and your employees. Everything from the design of your interior, the materials used from floor to ceiling, and even the smallest little decoration can make a difference in how people feel when they walk through your doors. The most successful businesses are efficient, engaging, and one-of-a-kind while still adhering to a budget. Branding is everything and the space that your business calls home should be a strong reflection of your brand and how you want others to perceive it. The following will discuss the top 9 things you need to consider when designing the interior of your commercial business space. This knowledge, as well as working with a professional, can help you create a dream space for your business to grow and flourish. Having a solid team, a talented designer and skilled builder, working for you is a great way to make sure your commercial space is designed with a vision of success.

Choosing High-Quality Materials

Regardless of the type of business you own, you should be willing to invest in quality materials for your interior. Consumers look for quality, employees seek reliability and comfort in their workspace. To maximize your investment, it is also important to use materials that are timeless instead of centering your space around a current trend that could soon fade out. Your furniture should be durable. Choosing pieces made of vintage woods, metal accents, and tempered glass is a great way to get the durability you need while also creating a timeless look that will still look good for years to come. Before finalizing your decisions, confirm with your safety team to make sure that the furniture you picked is going to be safe for employees and customers to use everyday without creating any ergonomic or musculoskeletal problems later.

Designing Office Spaces

Traditionally, office buildings combine both closed off offices and cubicles to help separate their employees while also providing them with personal space. However, modern offices have taken to the open floor plan concept, allowing people to work together in a communal space. Which type of space you choose for your business will be dependent on the specific needs of your company.

What are the perks to each format?

  • Traditional office spaces were designed to reinforce the hierarchical statuses that exist within the business by providing total privacy to the higher ups and management but still allowing staff members to have necessary personal space.
  • Open floor plans create a sense of community while allowing employees and managers to collaborate and work side-by-side. When choosing an open floor plan, you must consider how you will be able to control the noise. Having break rooms and conference spaces is key!

Your commercial contractor can help make sure your office space is both functional and attractive while meeting the needs of your business and its anticipated growth in the coming years.

Well-Balanced Spaces

In order to create balance in your commercial space, you should start with the building’s architectural features, such as doors and windows. Other features can be installed to establish equilibrium. Let’s say you chose an open floor plan, by implementing columns, you can help break up the space where employee desks are positioned. Similar architectural features can be used to form zones in the open space. Temporary walls and screens can be used to add depth, create a sense of motion, and make the space more visually pleasing and sophisticated.

Comfort Is Key

Want your employees to be more productive? Make their workplace comfortable. Businesses that are uncomfortable for both employees and consumers can put a damper on their outcomes. Choosing the right pieces of furniture that accommodate various postures is important when it comes to having a comfortable environment for everyone that walks through your doors. Make the space more inviting for customers by offering a comfortable lobby. Offer your employees a space where they can take their break on a nice, cozy couch. Whether you choose an ergonomic chair, an oversized bean bag, or a big comfy couch with an ottoman for employees to kick their feet up, the furniture you choose will affect how your customers and employees feel all day, every day. So when choosing furniture for your business, take the time to look around. Feel the materials on various pieces of furniture, try them out, and maybe even reach out to an ergonomics expert to make sure the pieces you chose are ideal for your business and everyone that will use them.

Inspirational Pieces

Color psychology has shown that different colors can create different emotions. A simple choice of color that may not seem like such a big deal can indeed have a lasting impact. This decision has the ability to evoke energy, encourage conversations, create peaceful feelings and calmness, and spread joy. Most businesses choose neutral colors like grays or browns in the public spaces as they make the business feel comfortable, calm, and civil while also being timeless. More secluded spaces such as break rooms and conference spaces allow business to be more creative and use bold colors that will boost creativity and motivate employees. Bold blue, bright green, and shades of orange are all known to provoke thoughts that can help motivate staff while increasing their productivity.

Versatile Structures

To make the most of your investment, it is important to make sure that your interior is versatile. This makes it easier to transition the space and make adaptations as needed. Choosing an open floor plan with large open spaces and temporary walls will allow you to restructure the area as your business expands. Your experienced contractor will be able to help you design a space that is flexible. Ask them about the way that an open floor plan can be changed along the way whether it be to add or remove sections based upon your business’ needs.

Don’t Hesitate to Make Changes in the Process

As everything starts to come together, some of your plans might change. You will notice that some of your ideas no longer make sense. Whether there is too much of something or you need to reposition the setup to create a better flow– don’t be afraid to make changes in the process. By changing your ideas along the way, you can be sure that the final product suits the needs of your business and meets your expectations. If you have any concerns or notice any problems, bring them up when you speak with your contractor or designer. They can problem solve with you, keeping you involved in the process and pleased when the job is done. Afterall, this is a big investment in your business.

Safety First

When designing your interior, safety should always come first. No regulation should be disregarded for aesthetic purposes. However, this does not mean that just because something is necessary to ensure the safety of everyone that enters your doors will have a dramatic impact on the appearance of your commercial space. Consult with your contractor, designer, and an occupational safety specialist to figure out how you can successfully blend safety elements with beauty. It is absolutely possible to keep your employees and customers safe while still having a space you will love to look at.

Invest in the Help of a Professional

If you are ready to construct or redesign your business, you can expect to get the best results when you hire a professional. They can take your ideas and create a space that will bring your visions to life. Get regular updates and talk to your team throughout the entire process to ensure that everything is coming along and that they are meeting all your expectations.

CSP Can Help With Commercial Interior Design and the Build

At CSP, we take pride in helping business owners redesign their workplace by creating an interior that is stunning, functional, safe, and will last for years to come. We will work with you and your team of professionals to create a commercial space that is flexible and attractive. Thinking about redesigning soon? We would love to help you ensure that your space looks great and meets the needs of your employees and expectations of your customers.
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