Are you planning a commercial remodeling project soon? If so, and are planning to hire a contractor, ask a lot of questions before deciding on the company. We plan in this article to suggest a few questions for you to ask. There are no wrong questions during an interview, but some questions are less helpful than others. Our suggestions follow:

What Are Sustainable Construction Methods And Benefits?

Where does the term come from? While the concept of sustainability is a relatively new idea, the movement as a whole has roots in social justice, conservationism, internationalism, and other past movements with rich histories. By the end of the twentieth century, many of these ideas had come together in the call for ‘sustainable development’. Commercial building owners increasingly want the installation of energy-efficient appliances and fixtures that can improve their property’s value while saving them money on their utility bills. A few of the green building materials and upgrades include replacing appliances with Energy Star rated products, installing energy efficient light fixtures, changing to a new “cool” roof, and installing bathroom fixtures with low-flow features. If you are seeking a way to increase your building’s energy efficiency, talk to your contractor about sustainability options.

Will My Business Be Able To Stay Open During The Renovation?

One of the biggest concerns of business owners is whether they’ll be able to keep their doors open during the renovation of their space. Most businesses are able to stay open for the majority of their remodel, but just in case water has to be shut off or the power has to shut down, ask your contractor if he can work around your schedule to cause the least disruption to your ordinary business practice. Working with an experienced builder can help ensure a smoother experience for everyone.

When Is A Commercial Permit Required?

Standard codes must be followed in any commercial construction project. There are health department codes and local building codes and fire marshal codes. Your experienced contractor should know about all of these codes. Your contractor will educate you on these requirements and make sure all the proper city and state requirements are paid and met.

What Can I Do To Speed Up The Project?

Renovations of any kind are notoriously time-consuming. There is nothing you can do to speed up a good contractor’s availability. The only thing you can do is prevent delays when the contractor does arrive to start your renovation. A few suggestions would be to have a file of information about the goals of the project. Consult with all the members of your organization and have them on board with the goals before starting the process. Assign one person from your organization to consult with the contractor.

How Do I Make My Staff Part Of This Process?

A good contractor will know the information you need to convey to your staff. Give your staff a timeline and update them on the progress. The staff may have to stay out of a section of the parking lot so notify them well in advance. If noise is disruptive, you may consider asking the contractor to do the noisy work on the weekends or off hours. Keep your staff in the loop with info about the project.

When Can You Get Started?

The usual timeline is 30 days after you sign a contract with the chosen contractor. And it depends on the type of business you have how long the process will take. Large scale commercial jobs can take longer because they may have moving parts, and they will require more planning. However, your contractor should tell you up front when the work is expected to be done.

When deciding who will do your retail renovation, make sure you choose a commercial contracting company that specializes in retail renovations. Speak with several companies before you decide on who to hire. Get recommendations for good contracting companies from neighbors, friends, and local real estate agents. Try to talk with at least three before making a decision. A reputable contracting company will have a project manager sit down with you, listen to your proposal, and answer all your questions.

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