Avoid remodeling mistakes. A remodel can improve your property’s value and benefit your business. The end bathroom remodels result should be more attractive, efficient, and functional. However, common bathroom commercial remodels can encounter mistakes. As a business owner, you want to ensure your remodel’s success and avoid problems. Making smart decisions throughout the process can help you have a long-lasting positive remodel. The following 6 important things to keep in mind when designing and installing a commercial bathroom…

Your Budget Is The Backbone Of Your Project

There’s no simple formula to calculate the cost of a commercial remodel. However, taking time to understand the variables that affect commercial renovation costs can help you make accurate estimates and make a renovation process less stressful.  Without a proper budget, the result could be unwanted debt.  Secure financing if needed or set aside cash to arrive at the maximum cost.

Establish A Plan

Planning and budgeting go hand in hand. Along with budgeting, you should have a plan that serves as your guide throughout the remodel. Write a list of goals and consider the size of your business and if there is a projected growth. Incorporate modern bathroom updates into your project. Consult your contractor and include them in the planning. The contractor can help you stay on task as for as your goals, plan, and budget are concerned.

Think About Good Ventilation

Every bathroom needs a ventilation system that is appropriate to its size. HVAC experts are trained to give you advice and install a ventilation system that has the right CFM for your room—that’s cubic feet per minute—so that air is ventilated out at the necessary speed. Without good ventilation, paint peels, walls become moldy, and mildew grows. Ventilation removes odors and humidity. Work with your contractor to budget for ventilation updates.

Steps To A Green, Energy-Efficient Commercial Bathroom

Commercial restrooms in the past focused on design and durability rather than sustainability. However, that is changing. Facility managers are seeking ways to increase sustainability that are cost-effective without sacrificing function or quality.

Here are a few steps to help you upgrade to an energy-efficient commercial bathroom.

  • Install low-cost lighting – LED lights are your friends.
  • Incorporate water-saving fixtures, such as waterless urinals and update water faucets with aerators.
  • Use touchless hand dryers.

Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Requirements

ADA requirements for businesses can be very specific. Businesses that fail to comply can incur harsh penalties. Some businesses can even face lawsuits.

OSHA and City Code Requirements For A Commercial Business Bathroom Remodel

For employees, the restroom requirements for commercial buildings are at least one toilet for every 16-35 employees, at least two toilets for every 36-55 employees, and at least three toilets for any number greater than that. When a commercial bathroom is remodeled, you are required to include the right size for your commercial bathroom to the size of your business.

CSP Can Help

The right contractor can walk you through the remodeling steps and help you with important issues. They will be familiar with the ADA and city codes and they also understand the importance of proper ventilation, good plans, and budgets.

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