If you have made it here, you must be thinking about remodeling your office. If so, we have a few tips on how to get creative during the process. Your office remodel is the best chance to make your business more interesting and a space where your employees can grow as professionals. The following are five ways you can make your office look better while adding function as you renovate…

#1: Transforming the Break Room

Most offices offer break rooms and conference rooms but what about a game room? Maybe a small gym? Or a room where they can truly relax– not sitting in hard chairs with fluorescent lights shining down on them? Get creative and break the standards set decades ago! By thinking outside the box and offering your employees better options when they need a break, you can promote them to do the same when working.

#2: Add More Places Where Employees Can Brainstorm

By installing additional writing surfaces, you will provide your employees with more places they can brainstorm. Think about an office where every wall was a chalkboard or one with wall mounted paper scrolls at every corner. These ideas will allow your employees to write lists, share ideas, and take notes through the course of the day. Meetings could be transformed and held practically anywhere in the office. Your employees would have plenty of options to get together and think of new ideas to make your business even better.

#3: Creative Workstations

We all have a preference when it comes to how we prefer to get work done. Different employees like different workstations. When you are renovating your office, consider including workstations that meet the needs of various work styles. This can include oversized chairs positioned behind desks, sectioned off cubicles, large conference tables with plenty of chairs so employees can gather and work together. You could maybe even think about an exercise ball or bean bag as a seating option in some areas. Let’s be honest, sitting in a desk chair 40 hours a week isn’t good for anyone. This is your chance to change and improve the work environment you are providing for your employees.

#4: Don’t Be Afraid of Color

Most offices choose muted colors like grays, browns, or creams but they are so popular that it does not do anything to set your space apart. As you decide on colors for your remodeled office space, think about implementing colors that are aesthetically pleasing but also interesting to look at compared to basic neutrals that consume many office spaces. Color schemes that have contrasting colors is a great option when it comes to sprucing up your space. Navy with gold accents, mint and bright yellow, green with rusty orange, the options are endless. You may also think about using colors that match your logo or ones that are similar to the products you produce and sell. Either way, take a chance using bold colors that will make your office look better while also adding a fun appeal.

#5: A Work Kitchen

Invest in a kitchen for your employees. This will make an excellent spot for you to host a meeting while also providing your employees with a comfortable spot to take a break. In your renovation plans, you could include an employee kitchen that has standard kitchen amenities like a refrigerator, sink, microwave or toaster oven, and cabinets with space to store the basics (salt, pepper, sugar, etc.).

Creative Workspaces Encourage Creativity In Employees

There are several ways that you can provide your employees with a creative and fun, but functional, space to work in. Want more ideas? Our team at CSP can help you create the perfect spot for your employees to flourish– and if they are flourishing, so is your business.

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